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In 1978, a family that had been involved in textiles for generations established a business specialised in auxiliary products for the textile industry : EURODYE was born.

Several years later, it had the opportunity to enter into a partnership contract with the Crosfield (Unilever) giant.  This allowed EURODYE to gain experience and a world-renowned reputation.  The company soon expanded its production of textile auxiliaries and developed its own Research and Development activities.

Eurodye experienced rapid growth and, in 1992, two subsidiaries were opened abroad.

Since 1995, it has gone from a partnership to the purchase of the Crosfield (Unilever) textile activity and has established a new company in England : CTC.

The enterprise has since developed an international marketing network to distribute its specialised chemical products (auxiliaries, dyeing agents, pigments, enzymes, “special effect” products) all over the world.

In the year 2000, the group greatly strengthened its financial structure and equipped itself with the best assets automation of production tools, creation of specialised laboratories, centralised management ERP, and ISO 9001/ B5750 standardisation and certification.

The work carried out by a passionate team and the commercial development dynamics of the EURODYE-CTC group have been recognised and awarded on several occasions.  These include one nomination for company of the year, the “Gazelle” award for exports, and the Walloon export company.

And what is “success” if not the recognition of enthusiasm, work and dynamism?